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Monday, September 19, 2011


In my last post, I briefly introduced the company.  We have three key areas of business.  One that focuses on helping students and parents determine the right college and career fit.  Another that seeks to support passive or active job seekers with their career search, and finally a focus on leadership and performance management services for businesses.  
The primary purpose of this blog, however, will not focus on issues related to all lines of our business.   Horizon Point’s blog will focus on workplace issues, more specifically performance management and leadership issues.    If you would like more information and advice related to career development, whether you’re a student, parent or adult, but sure to check out our Horizon Point Consulting, Inc. Facebook Page
Each blog will strive to:
1.       Describe and discuss a performance management or leadership issue
2.       Provide insight for addressing the issue that is behavior driven.  Why behavior-based? My core belief is that people are a business’s greatest asset and the best way to maximize the people asset is through behavior-based development.
3.       Ask for insight from blog followers about the issue being addressed.
Posts will occur at least every Monday morning, so start your week off right by reading and participating in this blog that seeks to maximize people development in the workplace!

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