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Monday, January 30, 2012

Goal Setting- Feedback

I want to round out the goal setting discussion by focusing on the importance of feedback.  To illustrate, feedback has played a critical role in a current client business coaching engagement.  To begin the coaching process this past summer, we employed a 360° feedback mechanism to help set priorities for the client's development.  Feedback was first necessary to set goals and priorities. 

Based on areas for improvement, we developed four questions that she asks herself each and every day.  There are all “yes” or “no” questions.  (As example, a question I ask myself every day is “Did I do something to develop new business today?”  because one of my goals for the year is revenue growth target.)  She has them posted by her computer and we begin each session by going through those questions, regardless of the focus of that particular session.  This is a simple personal feedback mechanism that was set in place to hold herself accountable.

Finally, providing feedback to her subordinates is important to this client’s development as a leader.  She is already good at providing feedback and motivation to her team, but her business has grown large enough that she needs (and desires) to have a process in place that helps her provide ongoing feedback for development and evaluation.   

At every step in the process, feedback has played a critical role in establishing success.

What feedback mechanisms do you use to personally hold yourself accountable or those you lead accountable?

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