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Monday, August 13, 2012

Stair Steps of Recruiting Strategy

I was fortunate to be invited to give a presentation entitled "Finding and Keeping the Right Staff"  last week.  The next few blog posts will feature advice given from this presentation.   People should be every company's greatest asset, so recruiting and retaining people should be the top priority for any business. 

Recruiting Strategy- The Stair Steps

The key to any recruiting strategy is to know what works best for your business and know what the best sources for recruiting are based on the talent you need.   What works for one, may not work for another, and it is important to keep up with which sources lead to the best hires for you.

In general, though, these steps are hierarchical.  A step up means an increase in effectiveness in finding talent, and in most cases, and increase in cost per hire.   Each level has an old way and a new way of doing things. 

Step 1: Place a "Help Wanted" Sign.   Old Way:  In your business window.  New Way: On your company's website.  If people come to you, whether it be because of customer foot traffic or because you are an employer of choice and people stalk your webpage for new job openings, this method may be the best route for you.  It is by far the least expensive.

Step 2:  Place a "Help Wanted" Ad.  Old Way: Advertise your job opening in the newspaper.  New Way: Post your job on the hundreds of job posting sites that are out there.  The key, where will the talent you need be searching for job openings?  Need a skilled craftsman, the newspaper may be your best bet.  Need a computer programmer with specific skills that may not be as readily available in your area, a national job posting site may be best.   Target your audience by considering postings with professional societies or organizations or college career centers (which may be free).

Step 3: Hire a Headhunter or a Staffing Agency.   Need someone quickly and want to test them out before making a hire, a staffing agency may be your best option. Need skilled talent and have no time for recruiting, a headhunter may be your best bet.   The key: Weigh the cost with the benefit before you sign a contract. These services can be expensive. 

Step 4:  Network to find the best people.    This is the best way to find the passive job seeker who may be your next superstar.  In general, the best talent can be found with those that are gainfully employed and aren't even looking for a new job.   Just as my husband tells me that everything we have is for sale for the right price,  everyone is for hire for the right price and situation.
Old way: Get out there and meet people at professional events, community events, etc.  Heck, you may be able to find your next best customer service rep in the drive through line at your favorite and friendliest fast food restaurant.   New Way:  Use online professional networking sites like LinkedIn to seek out the passive job seeker that has the skill sets and talent that you need.  The Key: Everyone is for hire!

What have you found to be your most effective recruiting method? 

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